Funded Programs

NTTS specialises in designing and delivering structured training programs in regional and remote areas. We deliver these programs in

conjunction with Australian and Northern Territory Government funding schemes, Regional Councils and Community Organisations.

 Water Chlorination Program

Central Australia (2022)

This program was delivered on a fee-for-service basis for employees of MacDonnell Regional Council.  Students learned skills and gained the competency required for work providing drinking water to their communities.

Plant & Equipment Program

Central Australia (2022)

This program was supported by the NT Government’s Aboriginal Responsive Skilling Grant (ARSG) scheme and was developed to deliver training to 30 students across 6 communities in the Alice Springs area.  Each student receives theory and practical training to gain competency on 4 different machines.  Training is being conducted in conjunction with MacDonnell Regional Council and will be ongoing in 2023.

Cert II in Civil Construction Program

Central Australia (2022/3)

Government support under the Job Trainer Funding (JTF) scheme has allowed us to deliver this Program in Central Australia.  The program is designed to deliver a Cert. 2 in Civil Construction to 40 students across 4 locations in order to develop skills to support their communities.  Training for this program is scheduled for completion in March 2023.

Plant & Equipment Program

Belyuen (2022/3)

Delivered with funding assistance under the NT Government’s Aboriginal Responsive Skilling Grant (ARSG) scheme.  This program was designed to deliver training on 5 types of earthworks machines and a range of small equipment to jobseekers in Belyuen.  Training was conducted in conjunction with Belyuen Community Government Council and Ironbark Aboriginal Corporation.

Indigenous Housing Repairs

and Maintenance Program (2023)

Support from the NT Government for this program will be provided under the Pre-Employment Program.  Delivery details are being confirmed and the course will aim to provide skills to 15 students to facilitate employment in their communities


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